The Exchange in Vermont: A Model for Other States

On May 6, the Vermont State Legislature passed a law creating a new health policy for its state.  The Governor signed it into law that same day. The Act, H. 202, includes a fairly comprehensive set of policies that should serve as a model for other states to follow.

H. 202 not only creates an exchange for Vermont, but it also creates a public option to private insurance, places controls on pharmaceutical and provider costs, and unifies the administration of public health care systems.

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Main Street Takes on Wall Street…And Wins!

Big bank lobbyists have been putting on a full-court press in Washington, D.C. to roll back components of the financial overhaul passed last year and free Wall Street to go back to the “business as usual” that led to the financial crisis in 2008.

The bankers are gunning for the new Consumer Protection Bureau and its leading champion, Elizabeth Warren. They’re lobbying to starve regulatory agencies of the funds needed to enforce the provisions of the new law. And on Wednesday, they went after small businesses with an amendment to delay (read, kill) new rules limiting debit swipe fees. But this time, the bankers lost. Continue reading “Main Street Takes on Wall Street…And Wins!”

Gutierrez Urges Latinos to Claim Political Power

On May 27, the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevadav (PLAN), an Alliance for a Just Society affiliate, hosted U.S. Representative Luis Gutierrez at their “Familias Unidas” summit on immigration issues. Gutierrez delivered the event’s keynote speech, speaking alongside community members who shared their personal stories of how the current immigration system separates families and closes the door on young people who want to pursue higher education. Continue reading “Gutierrez Urges Latinos to Claim Political Power”

Seattle Residents Take Their Demands to Chase Bank

On a beautiful sunny Seattle Saturday, 400 south Seattle residents took to the streets to demand that JPMorgan Chase Bank reinvest money in the communities they have destroyed. The community members — parents, students, workers, homeowners — demanded that Chase reinvest money in the form of principle write down for every Washington homeowner. They also called on Chase to invest in a community jobs fund that would create over 30,000 jobs for the neighborhoods hardest hit by the economic crises created by the reckless gambling of Chase and other big banks.

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