Not Your Ordinary Tea Party

During the week of August 15th, Americans for Prosperity took their pro-oil, anti-worker, Running on Empty Tour to Montana. The tour was an attempt to blame high gas, electricity and food prices on President Obama. They aren’t happy with the President because he hasn’t given in to their corporate agenda to exploit America’s natural resources, gut critical environmental regulations and endanger the health of our communities. The Montana Organizing Project welcomed them with counter-demonstrations to highlight how Big Oil corporations are buying politicians and the government. Watch their mad tea party action here! Read more

Association Health Plans: Good or Bad for Small Business?

Changes are finally coming to states’ health insurance marketplaces. For small businesses, these changes can’t come soon enough. New rules prohibiting discrimination and strengthening oversight of rate increases will protect small businesses from rate shocks. A guaranteed essential benefits package will provide assurance of a minimum level of coverage. And new state insurance exchanges will enhance choice and competition. Read more

Underwater Mortgages and 1 Million Jobs

Today, The New Bottom Line, a coalition co-lead by the Alliance for a Just Society,  released a report detailing a solution to the foreclosure crisis. “The Win-Win Solution: How Fixing The Housing Crisis Will Create 1 Million Jobs” details how we can fix the housing crisis and revitalize our communities and economy if the banks were to lower the principal balance on all underwater mortgages to current market value. Read more

E-verify Hurts Local Economies

Main Street Alliance members Edgar Andrade of Bushwick, Brooklyn and Jim Houser of Portland, Oregon were joined on a press call Wednesday by Mayor Paul Bridges of Uvalda, GA to address the drastic ramifications of state-based, enforcement-only immigration laws. These laws are being enacted in states across the country, starting in Arizona and spreading to the South. Read more

Immigration and Modern Day Slavery in the Deep South

Back in 2005, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers in Florida made headway in their campaign against modern day slavery. In the months leading to their victory, CIW went on tours throughout the country. They made at stop in Boise State University, where I was attending college at the time. One of their speakers told the story of how immigrants, after crossing the U.S. – Mexico border, would be picked up by a contractor with the promise of shelter, food, and a job in Florida. “What a great deal, you might think,” the speaker said. In the hopes of finding a job that would help sustain their families back home, the workers would accept the offer. However, “this is when their nightmare was about to commence,” the speaker said. Read more