Maine Small Business Owners Challenge Political Intervention by U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Members of the Maine Small Business Coalition are challenging the political intervention of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce after it announced a $400,000 attack ad in the race for the open Senate seat in Maine left by the retirement of Olympia Snowe at the end of this year. The 3,400-strong MSBC had a clear message for the U.S. Chamber: go back to Washington. Read more

How Money in Politics Affects the 99% … And How the 99% Is Fighting Back

Since the U.S. Supreme Court issued its Citizens United decision in 2010, we have witnessed an unprecedented degree of influence by corporate interests in setting public policy in America. “How Money in Politics Affects the 99% … And How the 99% Is Fighting Back” explores the profound impact money is having on decisions that affect all of us. Read more

Paul Ryan Nomination Has Huge Implications for Medicaid

The decision by the Romney campaign to tap Representative Paul Ryan for the Vice-Presidency will have implications for the health care advocacy community. This nomination is sure to make the debate over Medicaid a national debate, not just a state-by-state one.

This will happen because the Republican Campaign seems to be embracing the entire Ryan Budget. Here are some of the things that are in that budget:   Read more

Politicians Who Defend Bush Tax Cuts for Top 2% Have Explaining to Do

As members of Congress arrive home for their August recess, which starts this week, some of them have a lot of explaining to do about their recent votes on the Bush tax cuts. In particular, every senator and representative who stood in the way of ending special tax cuts for the richest 2 percent of Americans and restoring some much-needed fairness to the tax code owes his or her constituents an explanation.

Read more

The Value(s) of Medicaid: 47 Years Later

July 30th marked the 47th anniversary of Medicaid and Medicare. It’s hard to imagine that 47 years ago, these critical programs that we have grown to love and rely on, were controversial sticking points that were hotly contested for years prior to being passed through the legislature- similar to the Affordable Care Act; passed only 2 years ago. What is the commonality between these programs? They reach communities that are left behind by the money-driven health care system that has [dominated] our country. We are seeing first hand which members of Congress and Governors will come to bat for these communities when their very lives are at stake. Read more