Does the U.S. Chamber of Commerce speak for small business? Maine small business owner says: “No!”

Melanie Collins, a small business owner and leader with the Maine Small Business Coalition, traveled to Washington, DC on October 19 to speak at a press conference outside the headquarters of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Her message was simple: “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce doesn’t speak for small business, and it doesn’t speak for me.” Read more

The Myth of an Honest Living: When One Job Just Isn’t Enough

It is a basic American value: Hard work should earn you a paycheck that pays enough to survive. In this land of opportunity, an honest living should provide enough to make a living.

However, as we find in our upcoming Job Gap Study — which calculates the living wage in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington — that ideal is, all too often, a myth. Read more