Alliance Affiliates Mobilize Behind the Living Wage on Black Friday

Black Friday turned out to be more than about recovering from food comas and hittin’ the mall.

It was about standing up to one of America’s grossest violators of the public trust.

Across the country, Alliance affiliates stood up in solidarity with our union partners on behalf of Walmart workers who are among the most underpaid in the country. Continue reading “Alliance Affiliates Mobilize Behind the Living Wage on Black Friday”

Job Gap Report: No Living Wages Make Walmart a Scrooge

The leaves have fallen from their branches and await their final rest upon winter’s calm. The Thanksgiving holiday weekend has arrived, the one holiday of the year when families gather simply to reflect on the good things in life. Then, as the clock strikes midnight, it is time to waken from our over-fed slumber, take to the streets with wallets in hand, and prepare for another favorite holiday: Black Friday.

Shopping is a great American pastime. Unless, of course, you are a Walmart employees who does not earn enough to survive, let alone shop.

Despite working hard to make an honest living, Walmart employees find that their paychecks fall short of meeting their day-to-day needs. Employees across the country are working one, two, even three jobs simply to keep a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs, and food on their tables.

The once-deeply held belief that hard work equals success is proving to be nothing more than a far-fetched myth.

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Facing Race in 2012

On November 15th – 17th, members of Alliance for A Just Society attended the Facing Race 2012 Conference held in Baltimore, Maryland. Hosted by the Applied Research Center (ARC), Facing Race is a conference like no other– it is the largest national, multi-racial gathering of leaders, educators, journalists, artists, and activists on racial justice. Continue reading “Facing Race in 2012”

Alaska Natives Rally for Traditional Hunting & Fishing Rights

After days of rain and snow in Anchorage,Alaska, the skies cleared and it warmed to chilly 34 degrees just in time for 400 Natives to rally in a park to call for an end to increasing regulations, enforcement and criminalization of their traditional way of life.

A unique scene in Alaska: 400 Natives taking to the streets with picket signs, unafraid of backlash, no longer willing to compromise on life’s essentials, calling on elected officials to take action and make changes.

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