Taking on Predatory Lending in Idaho

Thousands of Idaho residents are strapped for cash. The economic recession has devastated the lives of Idahoans across the state. As the need to make the dollar stretch increase, financial resources from traditional banks decrease.

Payday loan centers have seized an opportunity to profit from the misfortune of those in need.  Predatory lenders have lined the sidewalks of low-income and communities of color with promises of instant cash and no credit checks.  Having no available alternatives, residents are left to turn to payday loan centers for relief; but that relief keeps coming with a cycle of interest rates as high or higher than 520%. Read more

Report: Expanded Medicaid in Idaho Save Lives and Cuts Costs



When the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act was announced this past summer, millions of Americans who had been waiting for relief were struck a surprising blow. Every state in the country could decide whether to implement the expanded Medicaid program outlined in the law, or not. Despite the fact that the federal government will cover 100 percent of the costs from 2014-2016, and over six years reduce that coverage to 90% by 2020. Many states have opted into the program, others are playing politics by opting out. Idaho has not decided what it will do.

The stories in this report, an update on the Medicaid needs in Idaho, shed light on real people grappling with the real life struggle of being uninsured. “Their testimonials offer a glimpse of the tragedies that thousands of Americans face when addressing their health needs.” Read the Report.

Medicaid Expansion Idaho


Medicaid Matters in Idaho

“Medicaid does more than provide health coverage and services for seniors, low-income  children and families, and people with disabilities. It is also an economic engine.”
An Alliance report released just last month details the growing need for medicaid coverage in the state, while lawmakers are continuing a trend toward reducing more critical services. The result is a stark economic impact on local economy should the cuts continue.
“Despite Medicaid’s importance to Idahoans, the state has begun to slash its investment in the program. These cuts are already resulting in people going without the health care they need. They are also beginning to unravel the system of community-based services that have helped thousands of Idahoans…”

Medicaid Matters in Idaho

Daley’s Glossary: Guideposts in the Labyrinth of our current Fiscal Debate

Listening to the current national fiscal debate is like standing before a labyrinth with only your ears to guide you. There are strange terms and “impending deadlines” being thrown out into the airwaves and the only things to be sure of– is the spot marked “you are here.”

Because the wonky debate inside the DC Beltway will be conducted in head-spinning clichés that the media like so much, I feel compelled to offer a brief series of definitions to clarify the situation and make our imperative clear:

We must continue to push cutting prescription drug costs and increasing taxes on Wall Street to fill gaps in the government’s revenues. We must continue to insist that there be no cuts to social insurance programs American families need for their security. Stay strong. This is an historic fight.

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Building a Movement for a Constructive Commonwealth

The sky is blue and their air is clean; the schools are good and the kids are happy; there are parks, good food, and safe places to live and work, as well as artistic, cultural, and religious institutions that reflect the richness and diversity of our communities and society. The desire to create strong communities where families can thrive seems almost universal, and this is true despite the presence of conservative ideologies that promote rugged individualism.

This is the shared vision of our diverse communities, around the country. Read more