2012 Job Gap Report

2012-Job-Gap-Report_National_FINAL-1“Broken Bootstraps: Falling Behind on Full-Time Work,” is the 14th annual installment of a joint study by Alliance for a Just Society and its affiliates in 7 states.


Unemployment rates in all states are still high. A modest $9.00/hr. minimum wage has been mentioned at the federal level. Even that income would leave most low-wage workers needing to utilize public assistance programs. Read more

Daley’s View: Whatever Happened to the Rule of Law?

Many years ago I heard with bemusement that Mafia like organizations were springing up in Russia following the collapse of Communism. The reports suggested that these associations were emerging because their organizers thought that Capitalism actually sanctioned criminal behavior and they were only following the new rules. Read more

One Solid Act for Homeowners: Can Obama do it in the First 100 Days?




how-to-rescue-the-economy-in-100-daysIt’s been five and half years since the largest economic collapse in 4 generations, and fiscal policy is still being executed in a way to favor the banks and not regular folks. We’ve subsequently seen a “jobless” recovery from our recession and are now seeing a “houseless” rebound of home market. But why?

It’s clear that the Obama Administration hasn’t done nearly enough to address the housing collapse. The HAMP program wasn’t nearly enough with too many hoops for homeowners and was voluntary for banks to participate. The latest solution put forth to address the 16 million homeowners who are currently underwater on their mortgages, writing down principal to market value, is being derailed by Ed DeMarco. He’s the temporary head of FHFA which oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the largest loan holders in the country.

Writing down principal for folks would have ripple effect through the economy. First, it would stabilize communities by ending the foreclosure crisis, then it would ensure steady revenue streams for municipalities and states, and lastly it would kick start the home market again as those who are locked into paying more than their home is worth could feasibly sell their home if needed.

President Obama needs heed his mandate from the November elections and remove Ed DeMarco in his first 100 days in order to jump start the economy and make good on his campaign promises to get the economy back on its feet.

In fact, with the release of a letter from 45 Representatives in Congress demanding that President Obama name a permanent director of FHFA the White House needs to make this happen within the first 100 days.


See the New Bottom Line’s Response to the letter here:



Daley’s View: Are we winning the fight for the expansion of Medicaid?

The Supreme Court ruled that the Medicaid expansion in the ACA would have to be voluntary. The entire future of this expansion seemed to be in doubt. Resource strapped states were fighting to cut programs not to expand them. The entire expansion of Medicaid was challenged by Governors calling for the program to be “block granted,” or they were just flat out saying ‘no’.

The winds are shifting.
What we advocates have done exceptionally well to get people realizing the overwhelming benefit to states in saving benefits, saving lives and saving money. Keep pouring it on, you are winning. Read more