Daley’s View: “This Week in DC, It’s About Placating Xenophobia”

There’s always something going on in your nation’s capital.

This week’s big show is in the Senate Judiciary Committee where they are processing Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  This is enormously important legislation and there appears to be reasonably positive progress — assuming one is willing to endure some shocking attitudes about immigrants as the price for a path to citizenship. Read more

Organizers Gathered for Annual Alliance CORE Training

Dedicated to the struggle for justice, organizers from across the country came together for the Alliance’s annual 4-day training from May 16-19, with aims to grow, invigorate and innovate. This core training is offered to new organizers from state affiliates’ staff and volunteers, with trainings on basic organizing skills.

“I’ve seen what community organizing can do and the incredible strength that intelligent, progressive people have when united. Hearing about the changes and victories that occurred has only confirmed for me that this is the work that I want to do: I’ve found my calling!”

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Laundering The Message

How big insurance bought and paid for the “small business” attack on Obamacare


Last week, the National Journal reported that in 2011, the health insurance industry lobby group AHIP (America’s Health Insurance Plans) quietly funneled $850,000 to the NFIB – the self-proclaimed “Voice of Small Business” – as part of a campaign to repeal a key provision of Obamacare.   Read more

Homeowners Protest Dept. of Justice Failure to Prosecute Wall Street Crimes

17 Homeowners Arrested

On Monday, Alliance members from Colorado Progressive Coalition and Washington CAN!  joined over 500 homeowners for a day of action targeting the Department of Justice for its continued failure to prosecute Wall Street banks and their executives for major financial crimes.  In March, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder told the Senate Judiciary Committee the banks were too big to jail. Read more

Wasted Wealth Report

The foreclosure crisis destroyed wealth on a large scale in 2012– with a greater erosion of wealth in communities of color.”

Data show profound disparities in the rate of lost wealth in communities of color in a nationwide report “Wasted Wealth” authored by the Alliance for a Just Society.

With our Partners Home Defenders League and the New Bottom Line we are pushing this data into the mainstream to drive home the reality that the foreclosure crisis is not over.

Download the national report