The Times They Are A Changin…

But Racism Stays the Same

There is no way to put a good face on it. The U.S. Supreme Court cut the guts out of the 1965 Voter Rights Act, one of the seminal achievements of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s.

True, they didn’t throw it out entirely. They just made it useless. They eliminated the formulas that the U.S. Justice Department employed to determine where the Act should apply.

The ruling was 5 to 4, with the reactionary wing winning the day. Read more

Announcing the 5th Institute for Pragmatic Practice Symposium

Cell Blocks and Border Stops: Transformative Activism in an Age of Dehumanization


Mark Your Calendars!


October 17-19, 2013 – New York City


Featuring: Dr. Cornel West, john powell and Pramila Jayapal

The Alliance for A Just Society and Union Theology Seminary are partnering to bring you Cell Blocks & Border Stops. A symposium to deepen and strengthen the relationships between organizing around criminal justice and immigration; develop a shared analysis of the role of race, dehumanization and disposability within both immigration control and mass incarceration; and identify new organizing opportunities and initiatives in these areas centered on personhood and racial justice. Read more

Social Justice in Motion: Video Training Offers Organizers an Engaging Way to Tell a Story

From sharing the perspectives of the children of immigrants to calling out the Speaker of the House for his opposition to a proposed increase of the federal minimum wage, a group of a dozen emerging leaders and organizers from across the country gathered in Seattle last week to learn new ways to tell a story.
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Montana Without Senator Max Baucus


How do we want to handle his replacement?


Max Baucus assumed the position of US Senator from Montana on December 15th 1978. For 35 years he has been making decisions that affect the lives of not only people from Montana, not only people from the United States, but people from around the world.  The Senator has made many friends, to be clear on this issue he has grown quite influential during his tenure. But he made just as many enemies with his votes. For progressives in Montana, his tenure has been, as they say, a mixed bag.

Now he is leaving the Senate. Read more

11 years, 6 months, and 15 days

These were the first words from my mother to me after not seeing her for, “11 years, 6 months and 15 days.” That’s how long it took for us to reunite. Here on the cusp of immigration reform, a national policy that can take me from undocumented to citizen, from the shadows, to free and connected with the liberation of the men and women, boys and girls with whom I share so much of my experience. At the moment where I can look my mother in the eye and say for certain that the hardship and separation from my family was more than worth it. Read more

Payday Lending is a Drain on the U.S. Economy

The Insight Center for Community Economic Development released its latest report finding the payday lending industry cost the American economy $774 million in 2011, causing the estimated net loss of more than 14,000 jobs.  Add in the costs caused by an increase in Chapter 13 bankruptcies from borrowers unable to keep afloat of the draining debt cycle, and costs soar to nearly $1 billion. Read more