Pushing Back Against the Criminalization of Everyday Life.

In the past four decades, mass incarceration and immigration control in the United States has skyrocketed. Today, the U.S. incarcerates more of its population than any other country in the world – at rates unmatched in modern history. Alliance.for.a.Just.Society_Pushing Back_FINAL

More than seven million people are under control of the criminal justice system. The U.S. has less than five percent of the world’s population, but we have almost a quarter of the world’s prisoners. China, which has four times more people than the United States, is a distant second in incarceration numbers, with 1.6 million people in prison.

With the increase in private prisons – driven by making profits for their investors – we are seeing an increase in the criminalization of everyday life.

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Communities Under Attack: Pushing Back Against the Criminalization of Everyday Life.

There Are Other Ways to Enroll in the ACA: But That Website Mess Needs a Careful Fix

Monday the President said that there was no “sugarcoating it.” The ACA rollout is riddled with problems , and live from the Rose Garden, Mr. Obama defended the ACA and pledged a major effort to fix the site.http://allianceforajustsociety.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Twitter_Avatar54_7.jpg

The centerpiece for Health Care Reform was to be a web site called healthcare.gov. Everyone was going to go on the site, enter some information about themselves and their health insurance needs, and be taken to a place where they could enroll. However, there are other ways for individuals to sign up, to get covered.

Consumers also can go to health centers and hospitals and get help signing up. If anyone needs to find local resources they should visit LocalHelp.HealthCare.gov for further information. Read more

Daley’s View: IS SENATOR TED CRUZ UNDOCUMENTED? (File This Under Humor)

Sometimes you just need a good laugh.ted cruz AP

Please remember the attacks on the President’s citizenship. The “Birthers” challenged his legitimacy as a candidate because they believed he was born in Kenya, Indonesia or some other unnamed place, but not in the U.S. When Obama’s birth certificate showed that he actually was born in Hawaii, these attacks bombed. Clearly he met the qualifications for the Presidency.

Well Ted Cruz, the most flaming Tea Bagger of them all, actually may have a problem. The Birthers are after him.

Senator Cruz was born in Alberta, Canada. Read more

When Living Your Life is Called a Crime


Millions of people have become casualties of the prevailing system of criminalization. Entire communities of people must be deemed “throw-away” or “castaways” in order to gain maximum profits and drive a robust free- market that exists beyond the realm of ethics and humanity. These communities are almost always low-income and disproportionately, communities of color.

The influence of the profit-driven in our legal system and the systems that feed it must continue this trend in order to maintain their financial gains. Gains made at the expense of millions of Americans.

The  Institute for Pragmatic Practice, Union Theological Seminary and the Alliance for a Just Society hosted Cell Blocks and Border Stops in NYC. Read more

Caldwell, ID City Council Asked to Move Payday Lenders Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Community and ICAN Push Council to Limit Industry From Preying on the Poor


“With the average payday loan in Idaho carrying an interest rate of 350% and with the average borrower taking out 7 payday loans to pay off the initial loan”, 20131004_101226predatory loan businesses continue to swarm into our state.  Last year alone, payday loans accounted for a negative economic impact of $1 BILLION! http://www.insightcced.org/uploads/assets/Net%20Economic%20Impact%20of%20Payday%20Lending.pdf  This is money that our communities lost, nationwide.

Volunteers and members of Idaho Community Action Network went into the neighborhoods of Caldwell and gathered 400 signatures from families who both see and personally experience the impact of payday and title loan businesses.  The canvassers met families; families who have lost their only vehicle; families who lost their home; their job and even their children, because they needed help.  They learned about loved ones who died owing a debt to a predatory lender.   Read more

Daley View: WHY IS A RAVEN LIKE A WRITING DESK? and Other Musings

I was in the Hart Senate Office Building for a meeting with Senator Manchin’s staff that ended around 2:30 PM. 82655_600Normally I would have bolted for the door to get fresh air, but I was starving. I went into the basement to the American Grill and was putting mustard on my cheeseburger when the shooting started outside the building. They locked us in.

“Gunshots have been reported on Capitol Hill requiring staff in all Senate office buildings to immediately shelter in place. Close, lock and stay away from external doors and windows. Take annunciators, emergency supply kits and escape hoods; and move to your office’s assigned shelter-in-place location or the innermost part of the office away from external doors or windows.”

Reports of just what happened are still being pieced together, but apparently a woman suffering through her own mental illness tried to ram through security at the Executive Office Building next to the White House. When she failed, she led the police on a chase that ended just outside the Heart Building. She had a child in the car with her. The woman was shot and has died.

She was unarmed. The police aren’t even being paid. Read more


f853fe3dfcbb6dce_sex-government-shutdown-flirting-ecards-someecards I must confess that I did not think that they were actually going to shut it down.

The night of the shutdown I sat in a favorite Capitol Hill Italian restaurant and watched the few republican Senators who are not total fruitcakes come in and dine in a private room – McCain, Cornyn, Alexander, Graham, Fluke.

As I was leaving I stopped across the street to buy (ahem) nicotine and a motorcycle cop pulled up in front of me followed by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s limo.

I figured they were cooking up a deal. Alas, the cooking apparently did not get much further than the linguini. No deal ever materialized. Read more