Changes in Rules Mean Big Wins for the Alliance

Conservative intransigence — on issues as wide-ranging as appointing a permanent nominee for the Federal Housing and Finance Authority (FHFA) to implementing key components of the Dodd Frank Financial Reform law — prompted Sen. Harry Reid and Senate Democrats to change the Senate rules around cloture.

Previously requiring a threshold of 60 to proceed with nominations, Reid and Co. lowered the threshold to a simple majority. This will allow several campaigns that the Alliance and our affiliates have been working on to finally reach completion. Continue reading “Changes in Rules Mean Big Wins for the Alliance”

2013 Job Gap Coverage

Please check back periodically for recent coverage on our 15th annual Job Gap Report, “America’s Changing Economy: Searching for Work that Pays in the New Low-Wage Economy.”

Living wage job gap calls for charting a new course for U.S. economy
December 11, 2013, The Hill

Why A ‘Living’ Wage Doesn’t Add Up
December 9, 2013, NPR, Tell Me More

Telling Fast Food Workers To ‘Get A Better Job’ Is Nonsense, In 1 Chart
December 11, 2013, Huffington Post

Why it’s not so easy to move from a minimum-wage job
December 11, 2013, CBS News

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2013 Job Gap Report Released Nationwide

Fast food workers are taking to the picket line throughout the country. SEIU and other unions are helping these efforts, but many strikes are happening in places without any union presence. Low-wage work is simply not enough for families and individuals to thrive, to plan for their future, and most times, simply not enough to live.

Spike in Percentage of Low-Wage Jobs

Underemployment, ‘overemployment’ (working more than1 job) and the threats to public benefits in D.C. and in many states is adding more weight atop many populations tracked into low-wage employment. The trend is troubling.

“America’s Changing Economy: Searching for Work that Pays in the New Low-Wage Job Market, is the 15th installment of the Alliance’s Job Gap Report.  It has grown from a Northwest regional perspective and this year marks our first national report. True to the Alliance’s mission and focus, we released the report in 9 affiliated states and in NYC. You can find ways to get involved, graphics to share and all the reports at:

And download the national report here:

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