“Be Bold!” Small Businesses Nationwide Call for Administrative Relief

We are on the edge of powerful moment. President Obama has an opportunity right now to make history, to take a stand, and to free millions of families from fear, and life in the shadows. He can open the door for millions of families to be fully recognized as part of this country.

We have a crisis, and we have a solution – Administrative Relief.

The time is now Mr. President. Act. Be Bold.

Senate Democrats are urging the president to step back, to delay offering administrative relief to immigrants until after the November elections. Like the Republicans, who have blocked immigration reform for years – they, too, are playing a political game with people’s lives.

So, this week, small business owners throughout the country are taking action. They are calling on the president to step up. More than 800 business owners have already added their names to a letter to the president asking him to act now.

If you are a small business owner, add your name to this letter today: http://mainstreetalliance.org/open-letter-relief/

Our businesses are deeply rooted in the towns and communities where we live and work. Immigrants are our colleagues, our customers and our employees. They add to the vitality of our economy and our communities. We see the suffering of families torn apart by deportations.

When we collect more than a thousand names – very soon now – we’ll send the letter to the president and let him know that he has our support, and we have his back, when he calls for administrative relief for our families.

Immigrant workers make enormous contributions to the U.S. economy. Now our president and our nation need to put immigration reform back on the table.  The majority of the population believes in a path to citizenship.

  • Prez 2 Be BOLDLet’s offer Deferred Action to the parents of the Dreamers.
  • Let’s end Secure Communities, a program designed only to create fear in communities.
  • Let’s grant visas to the parents of all children living in the United States to unite families.
  • Let’s immediately stop the deportation of young people fleeing violence in Central America

This playing with people’s lives has gone on for tool long. Out families and our businesses are ready to fix our broken immigration system and start moving on to other, more critical issues that need close attention.

Be bold Mr. President! We will be there to support you.

Add your business name:  http://mainstreetalliance.org/open-letter-relief/

In the New York Times, Make the Road N.Y. Members Tell Obama “Stop the Deportations”

Juan Carlos Valdez, a member of Alliance For a Just Society affiliate Make The Road New York, is featured along with his family in a new video on the New York Times site. From MRNY:

While Juan Carlos’ sons are protected by the President’s temporary Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), unless the President takes meaningful executive action, Juan Carlos and his wife Nancy could one day face deportation and have their family — and the life they’ve worked hard to build for their kids in New York City — torn apart.

That’s why we’re coming together for a national day of action for immigration relief next Thursday, August 28 in Washington, DC. You can take action today by calling the White House and asking President Obama to stop deportations of immigrant families. Continue reading “In the New York Times, Make the Road N.Y. Members Tell Obama “Stop the Deportations””

For the Children, We Must Transcend Politics and Do the Right Thing

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 3.13.24 PMOne of the most inhumane things that a group of political players can do in this country – or any other – is to use children as a pawn in a political game.  It is especially repulsive that Republicans in the U.S. have chosen this course rather than figuring out a humane way to reunite the children at the border with their families.

There is no question that our immigration system is broken, nearly everyone agrees on that point.

Last year Congress had a real chance of passing immigration reform. The Senate passed a compromise bill, but weak-knee House leaders were afraid of taking action because of the political repercussions.

The new House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is saying that the first priority is to secure the border. When asked about his previous support on immigration reform, he said: “I’m on record saying nothing about immigration, until we secure the borders. The borders are not secure. Look at the humanitarian crisis that is happening right now along the border states.”

And then we have Congressman Darrell Issa, also from, CA demanding that President Obama deport all DACA recipients. Continue reading “For the Children, We Must Transcend Politics and Do the Right Thing”

Rural and Small Towns Calling for Immigration Reform Now

GrowingOurFuture_Logo logo_Large GOODOver the course of our nation’s history, immigrants have traditionally moved to some of the U.S.’s largest cities consolidating the perception that immigration is an urban concern. But the truth is in the latter part of the twentieth century, immigrants have been moving to rural towns. And like waves of immigrants before them they are shaping and revitalizing communities they join.

“I’m probably the last guy you’d expect to see pushing for immigration reform. But the fact is, rural towns across America need immigration reform the most. Past generations of immigrants built rural America; new generations are revitalizing it,” said John Bechtel, mayor of Wilder, Idaho – population 1,533. Continue reading “Rural and Small Towns Calling for Immigration Reform Now”

Oregon Activists at the Heart of Fight to End ICE Holds

Manny releasedBy Nicole Brown

Center for Intercultural Organizing

Last week when I received a call from Multnomah County Chair Marissa Madrigal and then from Sheriff Daniel Staton, I wondered if the sheriff might finally be reconsidering his policy on holding immigrants in jail at the request of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

But I never could have anticipated this conversation – or what followed. Continue reading “Oregon Activists at the Heart of Fight to End ICE Holds”

No More Delays, Two Million is Too Many

Krista brighter 2 millionDelaying defense is one of the oldest tactics of war. It’s as much a psychological one as it is strategic. The goal is to wear down the opposition until they become weak, hungry or distracted. Our immigrant rights movement hasn’t been immune to it.

Now there is no longer time for delay: two million deportations is a clear message and a rallying cry that we cannot and will not be ignored.

The immigrant reform movement built great power during the electoral battle of 2012, vast armies of strong, fearless leaders were created as we went door-to-door registering people to vote. Continue reading “No More Delays, Two Million is Too Many”

The Fight for Citizenship and the Right to a Future

The fight for fair and humane immigration reform is about respecting the dignity and humanity of all immigrants across the U.S. It is a fight for family unity. But this fight is also about the evolving definition of citizenship.

CitizenshipCitizenship is a guarantee against deportation; a protection against fear and reprisals. Any immigrant, regardless of status, can be deported – whether they are undocumented, a permanent resident with children who are U.S. citizens, or married to a U.S. citizen. Even a minor mistake on your application for citizenship can jeopardize your status in the country and launch you into deportation proceedings.

Providing a meaningful pathway to citizenship means guaranteeing a predictable route – and a future – for those who want to become citizens. To have citizenship in the U.S. means that you get to be a full human – with full rights. Being a citizen means that you can vote.

So let’s be blunt, voting is the real problem.
Continue reading “The Fight for Citizenship and the Right to a Future”

Stronger Together: Rural Communities Ready for Immigration Reform

Last fall, in the final push to convince legislators to pass immigration reform – voices that had so far been quiet, spoke up. They were dairymen, potato growers, and ranchers and business owners. They are the voices of rural America.Fernando immigration photo

Small towns and rural communities are the heart and soul of our country. They are the places where many of us grew up; the places where we formed our values and learned about the importance of family and relationships.

Families are at the heart of the push to fix our broken immigration system, this is something rural communities understand well. Continue reading “Stronger Together: Rural Communities Ready for Immigration Reform”

Delaying the Vote in Immigration Reform Has Not Silenced the Movement

We have the votes. Supporters of immigration reform in the House of Representatives have said it on many occasions, even before the Congressional recess,http://rt.com/files/news/1e/ae/c0/00/us-immigration-protest-1.jpg that the votes exist in the House to pass immigration reform.

Delaying the vote seems to be the House opposition’s approach to waiting for the immigration reform movement to divide itself, disengage from the efforts, or even disperse. Continue reading “Delaying the Vote in Immigration Reform Has Not Silenced the Movement”

The Long Journey for Immigration Reform

Last week, “approximately 140 people, ranging in age from 7 to 80 years old, walked various distances along the 30-mile road from Wilder to Meridian raising awareness for the number of families affected by a lack of immigration reform. Along the way walkers said they celebrated their struggle for citizenship in the presence of family, BOH6MT6CcAAfI3r.jpg_largefriends and the community.” (Boise Weekly) Continue reading “The Long Journey for Immigration Reform”