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2013 Job Gap Coverage

Please check back periodically for recent coverage on our 15th annual Job Gap Report, “America’s Changing Economy: Searching for Work that Pays in the New Low-Wage Economy.” Living wage job gap calls for charting a new course for U.S. economy December 11, 2013, The Hill Why A ‘Living’ Wage Doesn’t Add Up December 9, 2013, […]

2013 Job Gap Report Released Nationwide

Fast food workers are taking to the picket line throughout the country. SEIU and other unions are helping these efforts, but many strikes are happening in places without any union presence. Low-wage work is simply not enough for families and individuals to thrive, to plan for their future, and most times, simply not enough to […]

Bad Medicine Report Details Influence of Pharma in DC Budget Failure

Released to the Press September 25, 2013   New Report Analyzes Interest Group Influence in Blocking Proposed Cost Saving Measures in Medicare Report Finds Influence of Pharmaceutical Industry as Major Impasse to Common Sense Budget Fixes Congress has failed to act on a commonsense, good-government approach to controlling health care costs. The significant resources the […]

Work, Productivity, Play and Compensation in America

Americans work longer and harder than our peers in almost every industrial nation. On average Americans are working 1800 hours per year, beating out Germany, France, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Spain, United Kingdom, Australia and Finland. According to The International Labour Organization American released a report stating that “workers in the United States on average produce […]

The Affordable Care Act and Women: A Nation Cycling Between Celebration and Obstruction

What Women Won with the ACA: What the Nation Should Celebrate What the nation has now, under Obamacare, is coverage for the many costs of being a woman—medically speaking: Insurance companies must now charge the same price to cover men and women. No pre-existing conditions clauses will be allowed. Maternity care is covered; upending an […]

Food Stamps and Farmers: The House of Representatives Got it So Wrong

After failing to pass a Farm Bill that included farm subsidies and food assistance (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamps) in June, the House of Representatives narrowly passed a skeleton of a Farm Bill on July 11—without the food stamps. The House effectively left 46 million Americans wondering how to feed themselves and their […]

The Alliance Hosts Our First National Conference in Baltimore and DC

A week ago, to the day, the Alliance for A Just Society hosted our 2013 Summer Conference with all our national affiliates (#Justice2013). There was no better way to kick it off than taking close to 200 participants into Washington DC and hosting three separate actions on the Hill. As of this year, we are […]

Good Medicine: Better Rx Policies Addressed with Senate

Grassroots delegates from 10 states joined Senator Rockefeller’s office to host a town hall today at the Capitol Senate Budget Committee Room. Also supported by Budget Committee Chair Senator Patty Murray’s office, the town hall was held to address health disparities, the national budget and specifically the importance of the Medicare Prescription Drug Savings Act. […]

The Alliance Takes DC: #justice2013 National Conference Ignites

Bringing together friends and affiliates from around the country, the first national conference kicked off with three separate actions in Washington DC. #justice2013. 150 people from more than 10 states engaged Senators and Representatives on a message of equality and inclusion on issues as diverse as brewing up the big banks, healthcare and keeping families […]