Allyson Fredericksen


Allyson joined the Alliance in 2012, and holds an M.A. in Policy Studies from the University of Washington with a focus on safety net and racial justice issues. After working with at-risk youth in Southern California and in San Francisco, she recognized the need for policy change to help families and communities thrive. Her prior experience includes working for Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco; interning with the Alliance as a graduate student; organizing people of faith to advocate for increased affordable housing and a strengthened safety net; and conducting research on training outcomes for child care workers in Washington State. Allyson manages the Alliance’s Job Gap Economic Prosperity Series.

Policy Areas: Job Gap Economic Prosperity Series, Jobs and Fair Pay, Medicaid Expansion, Economic Justice, Racial Justice and Decriminalization.

Patchwork of Paychecks Fact Sheet

“Patchwork of Paychecks” Fact Sheet  Nationally, four of the top five fastest growing occupations pay less than $15 an hour. They are: retail salespersons; waiters and waitresses; cashiers; and food preparation and serving workers, including fast food. Nationally, for jobs that pay at least $15 per hour, there are seven job seekers for every job […]

Pay Up Cover

Pay Up! Long Hours and Low Pay Leave Workers at a Loss

In recent years, a number of cities have raised their minimum wage to $15 an hour, which is significantly above federal and state minimum wages. These changes have prompted debate around the country regarding what constitutes an adequate minimum. This report contributes to that conversation by providing living wage figures, finding that current minimum wage […]

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Collective Bargaining is a Valuable Tool for Workers to Make Ends Meet

Working full-time should allow workers to make ends meet; instead, many workers across the country continue to be paid wages that leave them living paycheck-to-paycheck. As we’ve shown in our Job Gap Economic Prosperity Series since 1999, a living wage is well above the minimum wage that too many workers are paid. Our recent report, […]

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In Weighing Racial Discrimination, Consider Outcome, Not Just Intent

In the last two weeks, the Supreme Court handed down some monumental decisions: health care subsidies were upheld, ensuring millions will continue to see the benefits of the Affordable Care Act; and marriage equality became the law of the land, allowing LGBTQI people to marry. But, there was another major decision tucked in there, too: […]

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States Must Do More to Support Workers and Families

“Get a Better Job!” “Get an Education!” “Pull Yourself Up by Your Bootstraps!” Too often when workers struggle to make ends meet, these are the messages they hear. Unfortunately, these messages set unrealistic expectations. Rather than creating an environment that helps ensure working families can succeed, too many states set up systems that that work […]

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Working Families Need Good Jobs – Not Just Any Job

Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its January jobs report, showing that 257,000 jobs were added last month. Increasing jobs is great news, but only if those jobs allow workers and their families to make ends meet. The numbers have been praised, especially the average hourly wages that “soared 12 cents” to $24.75. While wages did […]

Fair Wages Aren’t Enough, Workers Need Hours, Predictability, too

There’s no question that working families across the country are struggling to get by; wages for most income levels have been stagnant or declining over the past decade, while the cost of living has continued to increase. One key to helping working families is increasing wages so that there are more living wage jobs available. […]

Photo by: Alan Pollock, Workers World

Tools to Rescue Underwater Homeowners When Outreach Isn’t Enough

As previously discussed in Alliance reports, the housing crisis is over for some, but there are still millions of homeowners across the country struggling to pay off mortgages that are valued at more than the current worth of their homes. When combined with a sluggish labor market forcing many families to make due on less […]

Chart by Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society

Seeking Creative Ways to Help Underwater Homeowners

In 2007, the nation’s housing bubble burst, leading to the Great Recession of 2008 and a rapid drop in property values across the country. While the recession officially ended in 2009, more than 9 million homeowners across the country still have mortgages on homes that are now worth less than they owe. These underwater mortgages […]

Min Wage v Living Wage

Critics Overstate Job Loss in CBO Report; Living Wage Lifts Families from Poverty

Yesterday, the Congressional Budget Office released a report on the estimated effects of increasing the minimum wage to $10.10 and indexing it to inflation by 2016. Opponents of the increase have jumped on the report’s (questionable) conclusion that it would cost jobs, while many in favor of increasing the minimum wage have focused on the […]