Supreme Court of the U.S.

Instead of Building Walls, Build an Economy That Works for All

The Supreme Court announced Tuesday that it will take up a case that challenges President Barack Obama’s executive actions that deferred the deportation of 5 million undocumented immigrants. News coverage of this development naturally was dominated by the two words that are sure to make any news story go viral: “procedural battle.” Okay, perhaps such […]


Price-Gouging AIDS & Cancer Patients? By-Product of a Broken System

Martin Shkreli wants you to swallow his bitter pill — and to thank him for making you pay $750 for it. For 62 years, the drug Daraprim has been the standard method to treat parasitic infections that are particularly life-threatening to AIDS and cancer patients. It was relatively affordable — though low-income patients might take issue with calling an $18 pill “affordable” — […]

John Paulson 6.15

Questions Fly Over $400 Million Donation. But They’re the Wrong Questions

Last week, author Malcolm Gladwell stirred up the 1% hornet’s nest by sarcastically calling out a hedge fund manager, John Paulson, for his $400 million donation to Harvard University. The billionaire’s donation to the richest university in the world will benefit the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Upon hearing the news, Gladwell, the New Yorker writer and “Tipping Point” author, […]


Clean Fuels Standard Strengthens Local Economies

Last night I teamed up with Washington Community Action Network Political Director Mauricio Ayon to testify at a Washington Department of Ecology hearing on the proposed Clean Fuels Standard, which would establish a requirement that oil refineries and distributors cut carbon pollution from gasoline and diesel by 10 percent over 10 years. Needless to say, there […]


Low-Wage Job Growth a Major Factor in Income Inequality. Patience is Not the Answer.

In response to the New York Times’ Jan. 27 Upshot piece, “Gains From Economic Recovery Still Limited to Top One Percent,” we appreciate the effort to report on the historic, staggering and blatant income inequality that has taken hold of America. This piece made some excellent points around the continuing inequality crisis. However, we have an answer […]


Testimony: A Living Wage Is about Family Prosperity

Yesterday I got the chance to testify to the Washington state House Labor and Workforce Development Committee. Our living wage research findings set a standard, that mere survival is not an adequate measure of a healthy society, and not an expectation we should be striving to set. It’s about a living wage that positions families […]


King County Council Approves One of Toughest Living Wage Ordinances in the Country

SEATTLE — The King County Council yesterday approved a living wage ordinance, which, when signed by County Executive Dow Constantine, would be among the stronger county-level ordinances in the country. The Alliance for a Just Society and Washington Community Action Network have supported the legislation, which includes language citing Alliance living wage research. The legislation […]


King County Living Wage Ordinance a Modest Step to Address Inequalities

On the heels of the historic passage of Seattle’s $15 minimum wage, a King County Council committee will be voting next week on a living wage ordinance that would apply to county employees and contractors for broader King County. The Alliance testified at a Council committee hearing on Sept. 2 calling for adoption of the legislation, […]

Everyone Benefits When Workers Earn Living Wages

The South Korea government is taking an interesting approach to stagnating wages. The South Korean Ministry of Strategy and Finance is pushing a policy to offer tax credits to those firms that increase worker pay. This legislation — which, if approved by the South Korean parliament, would go into effect in January — creates a policy incentive for […]

Apply Now: Summer 2014 Public Policy Internships

We are now accepting applications for Alliance summer and fall Public Policy Internships. An internship with the Alliance is an opportunity to work on social justice issues like income inequality, health care access, and immigration that impact millions. Interns will have the opportunity to work on important, tangible public policy products with immediate impacts.

Grinch Wages

Social Justice in Motion: Video Training Offers Organizers an Engaging Way to Tell a Story

From sharing the perspectives of the children of immigrants to calling out the Speaker of the House for his opposition to a proposed increase of the federal minimum wage, a group of a dozen emerging leaders and organizers from across the country gathered in Seattle last week to learn new ways to tell a story.


Alliance Affiliates Mobilize Behind the Living Wage on Black Friday

Black Friday turned out to be more than about recovering from food comas and hittin’ the mall. It was about standing up to one of America’s grossest violators of the public trust. Across the country, Alliance affiliates stood up in solidarity with our union partners on behalf of Walmart workers who are among the most underpaid in the country.


Job Gap Report: No Living Wages Make Walmart a Scrooge

The leaves have fallen from their branches and await their final rest upon winter’s calm. The Thanksgiving holiday weekend has arrived, the one holiday of the year when families gather simply to reflect on the good things in life. Then, as the clock strikes midnight, it is time to waken from our over-fed slumber, take to […]

How Money in Politics Affects the 99% … And How the 99% Is Fighting Back

Since the U.S. Supreme Court issued its Citizens United decision in 2010, we have witnessed an unprecedented degree of influence by corporate interests in setting public policy in America. “How Money in Politics Affects the 99% … And How the 99% Is Fighting Back” explores the profound impact money is having on decisions that affect all […]


Politicians Who Defend Bush Tax Cuts for Top 2% Have Explaining to Do

As members of Congress arrive home for their August recess, which starts this week, some of them have a lot of explaining to do about their recent votes on the Bush tax cuts. In particular, every senator and representative who stood in the way of ending special tax cuts for the richest 2 percent of […]

Corporate Interests Dominate List of Top Super Committee Donors

Four banks, two large corporations, a conservative political action committee (PAC), and a law firm serving corporate, industrial, and financial institutions dominate the list of top 10 campaign donors that contributed to members of the bipartisan congressional “Super Committee,” setting the stage for a historic revenue showdown. These entities contributed a total of $4.5 million, […]