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Bill is the Legislation and Policy Director for the Main Street Alliance and the Alliance for a Just Society. Based in D.C., he represents these Alliances at national coalition tables. He provides policy analysis and strategy on federal issues. Before joining the Alliance team, Bill served as a lobbyist for Washington Community Action Network. He worked as a policy expert in Washington state government for 40 years, including time with the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Governor’s Office, and the Insurance Commissioner. He also served as the Mayor of Olympia, Washington in the

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Daley Weekly: Crises and Confrontation

Apologia pro vita sua Things began getting away from me about two weeks ago and I now am three weeks in arrears. So, a new beginning, a fresh start, and a promise to be a more faithful correspondent. Two Senior Politicians Forgo the Presidency The first of course is Joe Biden, who has tossed in […]


Daley Weekly: Crazy Daze of Summer

President Stuff, Democrat It is beginning to look like Joe Biden may be headed into the fray. The trends have to be tempting.  Many hope that Hillary will be the first woman President – she clearly has the values, experience, and ability to serve with distinction.  But she’s not lighting up the place, she’s dogged […]

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Daley Weekly: Presidential Candidates Peak, Posture and Backpedal

Confederate Battle Flag On Thursday South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley signed a law removing the Confederate Battle Flag from the Capitol grounds. It came down Friday morning. Could enacting Medicaid expansion be next? LeeAnn Hall, executive director of the Alliance for a Just Society raised the question in her Huffington Post column this week. Trade […]


Daley Weekly: Federal Budget Horror 2016 (Don’t Read This Alone)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Goes National Both Houses of the Congress have begun processing their budgets for fiscal year 2016. Those of you who enjoy terror movies will take special pleasure in this version of the Daley Weekly wherein we devote ourselves to a summary of the Congressional Budgets.  They amount to a Chainsaw Massacre […]

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Daley Weekly: Our Newly Fearless Leader

Cuba Where has this guy been? On Wednesday President Obama hit the reset button on U.S. relations with Cuba. After fifty years of U.S. arm wrestling with the Castros to no avail, he announced that relations would be “normalized.” An embassy would be established. Additional changes to travel and trade restrictions will apparently follow over […]

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Daley Weekly: Views on the National News

Women’s Health Care The Alliance for a Just Society has produced a report that grades states on how well they provide health care for women: 2014 Women’s Health Report Card. The grades given in the report are based on detailed analyses of health care outcomes, coverage, and access. Those advocating for the expansion of Medicaid coverage should […]

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Daley Weekly: Cheney, Mortgage Bankers, and good news, too

The Daley Weekly, Sept. 19, 2014 Continuing Resolution Setting your national government on autopilot once again, the Congress passed a Continuing Resolution to keep things afloat into December.  No changes in appropriations for nearly two years. At least it contains no entitlement destroyers or ACA repeals. It also includes no restoration of the Sequester and […]

Letter Asking SEC to Require Disclosure of Expenditures by Corporations on Political Campaigns and Lobbying

Re: Comment on File Number 4-637 To SEC: I am deeply concerned about the influence of corporate money on our electoral process. In particular, I am appalled that, because of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, publicly traded corporations can spend investors’ money on anti-progressive activity in secret. Corporations that […]

There Are Other Ways to Enroll in the ACA: But That Website Mess Needs a Careful Fix

Monday the President said that there was no “sugarcoating it.” The ACA rollout is riddled with problems , and live from the Rose Garden, Mr. Obama defended the ACA and pledged a major effort to fix the site. The centerpiece for Health Care Reform was to be a web site called Everyone was going […]

Daley’s View: IS SENATOR TED CRUZ UNDOCUMENTED? (File This Under Humor)

Sometimes you just need a good laugh. Please remember the attacks on the President’s citizenship. The “Birthers” challenged his legitimacy as a candidate because they believed he was born in Kenya, Indonesia or some other unnamed place, but not in the U.S. When Obama’s birth certificate showed that he actually was born in Hawaii, these […]

There’s Only One Cliché Coming Out of DC That Seems to Fit

First They Sentenced Us to Death By A Thousand Cuts. Now They Threaten us With Death By a Thousand Clichés. I am largely mystified by the apparently widespread support for further austerity. The leadership of the House of Representatives continue to manufacture governmental crises to force draconian cuts in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, in […]

Daley’s View: Bernanke Out. Who Steps In?

One of the great Inside the Beltway debates this August is about who should replace Ben Bernanke who is retiring as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. So who cares? Well, you probably should. Much of the talk is about Larry Summers, former Secretary of the Treasury, former Obama economics advisor, former President of Harvard […]

Daley’s View: “This Week in DC, It’s About Placating Xenophobia”

There’s always something going on in your nation’s capital. This week’s big show is in the Senate Judiciary Committee where they are processing Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  This is enormously important legislation and there appears to be reasonably positive progress — assuming one is willing to endure some shocking attitudes about immigrants as the price for […]

Daley’s View: A Trillion Here, A Trillion There

…And Pretty Soon it Adds Up to Unemployment   Well the new jobs numbers are out this Friday and the results are a paltry 88,000 new jobs in March. Private employment provided a mere 95,000 new jobs while federal cuts costing 14,000 jobs. There were offsets by slight increases in state employment, but overall government […]

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Daley’s View: Whatever Happened to the Rule of Law?

Many years ago I heard with bemusement that Mafia like organizations were springing up in Russia following the collapse of Communism. The reports suggested that these associations were emerging because their organizers thought that Capitalism actually sanctioned criminal behavior and they were only following the new rules.


Daley’s View: Are we winning the fight for the expansion of Medicaid?

The Supreme Court ruled that the Medicaid expansion in the ACA would have to be voluntary. The entire future of this expansion seemed to be in doubt. Resource strapped states were fighting to cut programs not to expand them. The entire expansion of Medicaid was challenged by Governors calling for the program to be “block […]

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Daley’s Glossary: Guideposts in the Labyrinth of our current Fiscal Debate

Listening to the current national fiscal debate is like standing before a labyrinth with only your ears to guide you. There are strange terms and “impending deadlines” being thrown out into the airwaves and the only things to be sure of– is the spot marked “you are here.” Because the wonky debate inside the DC […]

Paul Ryan Nomination Has Huge Implications for Medicaid

The decision by the Romney campaign to tap Representative Paul Ryan for the Vice-Presidency will have implications for the health care advocacy community. This nomination is sure to make the debate over Medicaid a national debate, not just a state-by-state one. This will happen because the Republican Campaign seems to be embracing the entire Ryan […]

Time to Revive the Public Option

What if the Supreme Court…..? On Wednesday, March 28th, three days of argument ended at the Supreme Court over the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Given the hostility shown a number of Supreme Court Justices, there is every chance that at least the individual mandate will be invalidated. There is a whole bunch of hand-wringing that […]

Daley’s View from Washington: The Pope, Bob Dole, and the Financial Transaction Tax

What do the Pope, Bob Dole,  and the Archbishop of Canterbury have in common?  They all support some version of a proposal to tax financial speculation. How about we try a tax idea that curbs unproductive speculation on Wall Street and raises money to pay for the governmental services? That is exactly what the Financial Transaction […]

Conservative Judicial Activism Must Strengthen Health Care Implementation

On Monday, January 31st, a second federal court ruled against the Affordable Care Act (ACA). A Florida judge opined that the individual responsibility provision was unconstitutional and therefore made the entire Act invalid. The White House and reform supporters were quick to point out that two other courts and numerous judicial scholars hold a contrary […]

House Takes First Step To Increase Indian Health Services Funding

The average cost of mainstream health insurance plans is approximately 40% greater than the Indian Health Service (IHS) funding level for American Indian and Alaska Native people. This funding gap limits health care services and contributes to the lingering disparities of death and disease among Indians. The first step needed to redress this shortfall was […]