Channing Kennedy

channingChanning Kennedy is an Oakland-based writer, video producer and media strategist who’s worked at the intersection of racial justice and technology for the last six years. He’s trained over fifty community organizers on how to produce no-budget advocacy video that asserts their issues in the modern media landscape.


New ‘Beyond Cellblocks’ Webinar: Ending Police-ICE Collaboration

Throughout the country, local police have been partnering with immigration services, resulting in unfair targeting and treatment of people of color. On Tuesday July 1, join us for an important video discussion about ending collaboration between local law enforcement agencies and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). In addition to educating participants on the police-ICE collaboration […]


Facebook’s Changes Hit Community Orgs Where It Hurts. What To Do?

It’s confirmed: if you run a Facebook ‘page’ (for your community organization, for instance), Facebook’s algorithms are holding your constituents hostage until you pay up. Due to unannounced, opaque changes to what items appear in a user’s News feed, Facebook page administrators who don’t pay to upgrade are already experiencing a 75 percent or greater […]