Fernando Mejia

fernandoFernando was born and raised in Cuautitlan Izcalli, Mexico. In 2001, Fernando migrated to Idaho where he attended Boise State University and majored in political science. While in Idaho, Fernando worked with the Idaho Community Action Network. One of the efforts that he led was the introduction of the Idaho Student Investment Act at the Idaho Legislature – a bill that would have enhanced the opportunities for immigrant students to pursue higher education. fernando@allianceforajustsociety.org

Policy Areas: Immigration Reform, Economic Justice.

In the New York Times, Make the Road N.Y. Members Tell Obama “Stop the Deportations”

Juan Carlos Valdez, a member of Alliance For a Just Society affiliate Make The Road New York, is featured along with his family in a new video on the New York Times site. From MRNY: While Juan Carlos’ sons are protected by the President’s temporary Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), unless the President […]

Oregon Activists at the Heart of Fight to End ICE Holds

By Nicole Brown Center for Intercultural Organizing Last week when I received a call from Multnomah County Chair Marissa Madrigal and then from Sheriff Daniel Staton, I wondered if the sheriff might finally be reconsidering his policy on holding immigrants in jail at the request of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). But I never could […]

Delaying the Vote in Immigration Reform Has Not Silenced the Movement

We have the votes. Supporters of immigration reform in the House of Representatives have said it on many occasions, even before the Congressional recess, that the votes exist in the House to pass immigration reform. Delaying the vote seems to be the House opposition’s approach to waiting for the immigration reform movement to divide itself, […]

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Immigration Reform 2013: Looking Back, Moving Forward

In the late 1990s, many leaders and organizations including PCUN, CHIRLA, and our own NWFCO, among others, lay the foundation of our current movement and of what would eventually be known as the Fair Immigration Reform Movement. Almost fifteen years later, the immigrant rights movement has a chance to pass immigration reform in 2013.


SCOTUS Immigration Decision: A Mixed Bag for Immigrants and Refugees

Pictured above:  Make the Road New York’s Ana Maria Archila Gualy at a post-decision action. “By upholding the ‘show me your papers’ provision of SB 1070, the Supreme Court has sanctioned punitive state actions against immigrant workers and their families. Now is the time for Obama to step up and end to “Secure Communities.”  Photo […]

Protection for DREAM Youth

On June 15, 2012, the Obama Administration announced that it would offer many DREAM Act-eligible youths protection from deportation. These youths, whether or not they are currently in deportation proceedings, will be able to apply for “deferred action,” which would temporarily shield them from deportation and enable to live and work legally in the US. 

The Immigrant & Latino Vote Matters in Idaho

Latinos are growing fast in both numbers and voting strength in Idaho. With over 11 % of the state’s population concentrated in specific counties, Latinos are the swing voters for some state races and the 1st congressional district. This power will only grow with time as age eligibility and naturalization rates increase for Latinos in Idaho.

Broken Hearts, Broken Budgets: ICAN Valentine’s Day Action

Thanks to ICAN Intern Emma Ayers for this report. February 14th this year, members of Alliance affiliate Idaho Community Action Network (ICAN)  had some very specific valentines to deliver to payday lending stores across the valley.  These over-sized valentines with broken hearts of pink and red symbolized a message and a demand: stop breaking our […]

ICAN Releases Idaho’s Payday Lending Industry Report

From our affiliate Idaho Community Action Network: On Monday, Jan. 16 2012, during a protest on EZ MoneyPayday Loans at EZCORP 2911 W. State Street in Boise, members of the Idaho Community Action Network released a report titled “Predatory Lenders Trap Idahoan’s in a Cycle of Debt.” According to the report, Idaho families are: “increasingly struggling […]

Keep Five Million Immigrant Children Out of Poverty

From Reform Immigration For America: It was only a few years ago that Congress changed the eligibly of a special tax credit for American families, to include undocumented parents with citizen children. This refund, known as the Additional Child Tax Credit, has granted over 2 million families a financial break on the money spent caring for their […]

Alabama’s H.B. 56 is Bad for People of Color

Last week, a federal judge refused to block enforcement of Alabama’s anti-immigration law, HB 56. This law, the harshest anti-immigrant law in the country, requires law enforcement officers to check the immigration status of anyone they suspect may be an undocumented immigrant and demands that K-12 schools track the immigration status of children. This law […]

Not Your Ordinary Tea Party

During the week of August 15th, Americans for Prosperity took their pro-oil, anti-worker, Running on Empty Tour to Montana. The tour was an attempt to blame high gas, electricity and food prices on President Obama. They aren’t happy with the President because he hasn’t given in to their corporate agenda to exploit America’s natural resources, […]

Insurance Companies Weaken Language Access Regulations while Getting Wealthier

A few weeks ago, the Department of Health and Human Services issued a regulation stipulating that insurance companies only have to provide language services to a person with Limited English Proficiency if 10% of people in their county speak their same language. This is a high bar – only 177 out of 3,143 counties in […]

Medicaid Makes a Difference

Alliance Executive Director LeeAnn Hall had a commentary published in Truthout about the importance of defending the nation’s Medicaid program. LeeAnn wrote: “With wrenching unemployment and the housing market still in the tank, this may be the worst possible time to think about gutting Medicaid. Yet, the program still faces a slew of threats… “With […]


Gutierrez Urges Latinos to Claim Political Power

On May 27, the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevadav (PLAN), an Alliance for a Just Society affiliate, hosted U.S. Representative Luis Gutierrez at their “Familias Unidas” summit on immigration issues. Gutierrez delivered the event’s keynote speech, speaking alongside community members who shared their personal stories of how the current immigration system separates families and closes […]

Fighting New York City’s Wrongful Deportation Policies

In June of 2009 Ricardo Muñiz, an undocumented migrant from Mexico, was attacked by two men who shouted anti-gay and anti-immigrant slurs while beating him.  Ricardo went to the local police precinct to report the attack. Days later, the police arrested Ricardo, accusing him of having committed an attack against his perpetrators. In August of […]

Washington CAN! and Allies Testify Against Bill Targeting Undocumented Immigrants

On Thursday, February 3, the Washington State Legislature Transportation Committee held a public hearing on SB 5407, a bill that would take away the ability of undocumented, tax-paying immigrants to obtain Washington state driver licenses. The bill would make people provide a social security number or proof that they are in the US legally to […]