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LeeAnn HallLeeAnn HallLeeAnn Hall is the executive director of the Alliance for a Just Society, founded in 1993 as the Northwest Federation of Community Organizations. She has been on the leading edge of social and racial justice organizing for 30 years, influencing and effecting national reform in health care, immigration and fair pay. She has guided and inspired hundreds of young organizers into careers in social justice work.

LeeAnn was at the forefront of designing testing models to address under-enrollment in public benefits programs. As the director for Idaho Community Action Network, she developed the successful campaign to cover farmworkers under Idaho’s minimum wage laws. She now leads a network of 14 organizations stretching from Oregon and Washington state to Maine and Virginia.

She received the prestigious Leadership for a Changing World Award from the Ford Foundation, the Advocacy Institute, and the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service at New York University and the Prime Movers Award. She has contributed opinion pieces to national newspapers, her work is highlighted in several books and journals, and she is a sought-after panelist.

In addition, LeeAnn serves on multiple boards, including OneAmerica, Race Forward, and the executive committee of the Fair Immigration Reform Movement. She lives in Seattle, Washington. leeann@allianceforajustsociety.org

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LeeAnn Hall: Supreme Court Verdict Assures Unions Can Continue to Help Workers

The Alliance for a Just Society released the following statement from Executive Director LeeAnn Hall in response to Tuesday’s 4-4 Supreme Court verdict in the Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association case. The decision lets stand a lower court ruling upholding public sector unions’ ability to collect “fair share” fees to cover the costs of collective […]

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It’s a Matter of Life and Death: Insurers Must Cover Language Services

A 14-year-old girl accompanies her Somali-speaking father to his medical appointment. Because the clinic doesn’t provide an interpreter, the girl has to inform her own father than he has been diagnosed with cancer. She remains his interpreter through eight years of treatment, sometimes hiding information to protect him from the bad news. A group of […]

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Next Attack on Workers – Will Conservatives Champion “Free Riding” to Justify It?

Building power through strength in numbers. It’s one way regular people can overcome opposition from corporate and wealthy special interests to win concrete improvements in our everyday lives. We may not be able to match opponents who can write seven-figure checks dollar for dollar, but by banding together, articulating collective demands, and negotiating with powerful […]

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Let’s Block Too-Big-To-Fail Insurance Mergers

By LeeAnn Hall and Wendell Potter This article was originally published in Roll Call. If you thought too-big-to-fail banks were dangerous, watch out for too-big-to-fail health insurance companies. This summer, the country’s top insurers announced a spate of merger plans, lighting up the business pages nationwide. Health insurance giant Anthem unveiled its intention to absorb […]

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Winning on Student Loan Reform … From CT to MT

Across the country, student loan borrowers and their allies have been organizing to make college more affordable and push for state-level reforms that address the mountain of student debt that’s weighing down students and families. And they’re winning… all the way from Connecticut to Montana. In Connecticut, where the 2015 legislative session ended at midnight on […]

LeeAnn Hall’s Statement on King v. Burwell (with Fred Azcarate and George Goehl)

Today is a major victory: the Supreme Court rejected King v. Burwell, an attack against the Affordable Care Act that attempted to deny quality health care to millions of people in the United States. Together with Fred Azcarate, executive director of US Action and George Goehl, executive director of National People’s Action, I would like to […]

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Household Debt Is a National Crisis

Years after Toni Potter’s husband passed away from pancreatic cancer, debt collectors in her state of Washington were still relentlessly hounding her about his hospital bills. Andrea Anderson, a young student in Oregon, has been saddled with $150,000 in college loans as she pursues her dream of becoming a social worker. She knows she’ll be […]

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A Question for Lawmakers Who Backtrack on Expanded Health Coverage: Seriously?

With two weeks left in the second enrollment period for Affordable Care Act health coverage, marketplace enrollment is projected to reach between 9 million and 9.9 million people this year. That’s a net increase of between 2 and 3 million people gaining coverage through the marketplaces. Millions more will gain coverage through Medicaid expansion. That’s […]

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Minimum Wage Shouldn’t Force Workers to Live in Poverty

On New Year’s Day, 20 states raised their minimum wages. That leaves a lot of states that aren’t increasing the minimum wage — along with the federal government. Even some of those employees who are getting increases don’t have much to celebrate. Workers in Florida might barely notice their 12-cents-an-hour raise. And the extra 15 cents […]

Welcome to the Alliance’s “Power from the Roots Up” Conference

** Letter from the Executive Director ** Welcome to the Alliance’s annual conference, “Power from the Roots Up”! In this moment, we are witnessing intense gridlock in D.C. The once-promising dream of comprehensive immigration reform has turned into a political nightmare. Congress refuses to allow former students to refinance one of the great scourges of […]

Supreme Court Upholds the ACA

LeeAnn Hall is the Executive Director of Alliance for a Just Society. Today the United States Supreme Court affirmed the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act – the federal health reform bill that grassroots leaders across the country fought so hard for. We are gratified that our efforts will continue to bear fruit and bring […]