New ‘Beyond Cellblocks’ Webinar: Ending Police-ICE Collaboration

US_Immigration_and_Customs_Enforcement_SWATThroughout the country, local police have been partnering with immigration services, resulting in unfair targeting and treatment of people of color. On Tuesday July 1, join us for an important video discussion about ending collaboration between local law enforcement agencies and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

In addition to educating participants on the police-ICE collaboration and its effects on our communities, we will be discussing strategies to end the collaboration, focusing on how we can build policies at a local level in order to help assemble what we hope to see happen at a national level.

We are excited to showcase three very accomplished and passionate speakers at this webinar: Nicole Brown, field director for the Center for Intercultural Organizing; Alisa Wellek, co-executive director for the Immigrant Defense Project; and Stephen Manning, a partner at Immigrant Law Group PC.

Date:  Tuesday July 1st  2014

Start Time:  11:00 AM PST/2:00 PM EST

To view the video presentation live and participate in the Q&A, register here. This webinar is part of the Beyond Cell Blocks & Border Stops series.

Facebook’s Changes Hit Community Orgs Where It Hurts. What To Do?

5268732048_9c693385b2_zIt’s confirmed: if you run a Facebook ‘page’ (for your community organization, for instance), Facebook’s algorithms are holding your constituents hostage until you pay up. Due to unannounced, opaque changes to what items appear in a user’s News feed, Facebook page administrators who don’t pay to upgrade are already experiencing a 75 percent or greater drop off in visibility to the folks who already clicked the big blue Like button.

For big corporations who view Facebook as just another advertising platform, this is a drop in the bucket. But for organizations and small businesses with geographically scattered bases and limited (read: nonexistent) social media budgets, this is a nightmare.

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Power from the roots up – 2014 National Conference


One of the first to adopt paid sick days
The first to pass a $15 minimum wage
Legalized marijuana to reduce criminalization
and now many of these changes are taking root throughout the country.


We’ll talk about seizing power and making change at the local level. We know that our future and our prosperity will change only by building a powerful base.

Join us for workshops on racial justice, fundraising, power mapping, communications strategy, and money in politics.

PLUS we are planning a special Town Hall meeting with some of the key players in the $15 minimum wage fight in Seattle. Why and how is Seattle leading the way? What can you do in your city? You won’t want to miss it!


Immigration Reform: Voices of small towns and rural communities
The Truth About Family Debt: Student loans, medical bills, housing, credit cards: where is our nation headed?
Disappearing Democracy: People everywhere are losing their right to vote.


Plenty of fun, music, food, exchange of ideas, inspiration, new connections, lively discussions, great people, and an action – all in Seattle.