A Forgotten Authority: The Washington Health Care Facilities Authority is Failing in Its Primary Purpose: To Make Quality Health Care Affordable for Washingtonians

This report analyzes the savings that nonprofit health care facilities receive due to financing through the WHCFA. Next, the report reviews what the various health care facilities that have borrowed money through the WHCFA claimed to have done with the savings. Finally, the report addresses what WHCFA has done to enforce the savings requirement.

Listening Sessions Report: A Community and Police Partnership to Eliminate Racial Profiling

This report reflects a unique collaboration between the Portland Police Bureau, Oregon Action, Northwest Federation of Community Organizations, the Center for Intercultural Organizing and the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center, who came together to create an opportunity for dialogue between community members and Portland police on the issue of racial profiling.

Don’t Waiver on Medicaid: Governor Kempthorne’s Proposal for Medicaid Puts Idaho at Risk

This report analyzes the Medicaid waiver proposed by the Governor and the Department of Health and Welfare. This report predicts that, for those who rely on Medicaid, the proposal will lead to increased costs, may restrict benefits, and is likely to cause many people to forgo needed medical care. The waiver is also likely to shift health care costs onto counties, health care providers, and people who have health insurance, without generating revenue for the state or addressing the real cost drivers in Medicaid.