2007 Northwest Job Gap Study: Living in the Red

The Northwest Job Gap Study calculates a basic family budget for different family structures. Based on this “living wage,” the study then estimates the number and proportion of job openings that provide a sufficient wage to support and individual or a family’s basic needs without relying on public assistance.

Montana’s Urban Indians Face Health Care Barriers

Indian people in Montana have long confronted barriers that prevent them from accessing needed care. The Northwest Federation of Community Organizations conducted research to determine what these barriers are and how commonly people encounter them. Research staff conducted a review of data, articles, and research studies and conducted in-depth interviews with 46 Missoula residents. This research shows that barriers are both formidable and common.

Bar to a Healthy Future: Stories of the Immigrant Children Left Behind

This publication describes the experiences of just a few of the children who are left behind by the 1996 (pre-SCHIP) immigration-related restrictions. It also tells the stories of not-so-different children who have benefited from the wise investment in health insurance that should be available to all our young people.

Charitable Mission Unknown: Non-Profit Nursing Homes Fall Short of Community Benefit Standards

Communities across Washington support their nonprofit health care institutions. They do so, however, with the understanding that in return, these institutions will provide specific community health benefits. This report looks at non-profit nursing homes across Washington to determine whether or not they are providing an adequate community benefit. It goes on to suggest that all non-profit nursing homes should have a plan to offer community benefits.

Why Idaho Should Raise the Minimum Wage

Too many Idahoans are not making a living wage. Many families are supported by workers in minimum wage jobs. The minimum wage today, $5.15 an hour, is at its lowest real value since 1956. Today’s minimum wage is less than half a living wage for a single person, and less than a quarter of the wage a person would need to support a family of four. Two adults would have to work three full-time minimum wage jobs each to make a living wage for themselves and two children.

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