Searching for Work that Pays: 2010 Job Gap Study

The 2010 Job Gap Study looks at the availability of living wage jobs in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. This report provides calculations of:

  • A living wage for all counties in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington;
  • The percent of job openings that pay a living wage in each of these states; and
  • The ratio of the number of living wage job openings to the number of people looking for work.

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Facing Race: 2010 Legislative Report Card on Racial Equity (Washington)

This report card assesses the racial impacts of decisions made in the 2010 Washington legislative session, looking at a range of policy areas, from economic justice to health to civil rights and more. A collaborative effort of many racial justice organizations, the report collectively and individually grades Washington’s legislators on their votes that either promoted or obstructed racial justice.

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Race Matters: Living Wage Jobs in the Current Economy

It’s always been tough for working families in the Northwest to make ends meet. The recession has made it even harder – and harder still for people of color, who have historically faced racial inequities in the job market. The economic crisis has only worsened these disparities in employment, wages, and income.

Race Matters shines the light on wage disparities faced by so many families of color in the Northwest and Colorado. It takes a close look at jobs that currently exist in the economy and asks whether these jobs provide wages that can actually support individuals and families. It then examines whether people of color in the region are less likely than white people to earn a living wage. Finally, the report makes recommendations for policymakers with a focus on improving access to high-quality jobs for people of color and raising the floor for everybody. Read more

Rules of the Road

Regulating Insurance Companies Is a Critical Component of Health Reform

Much remains to be decided about the rules of health reform. Accordingly, elected officials and policymakers on both the state and federal level should promote quality coverage and ensure the strongest possible oversight of the health insurance industry, thereby protecting the health and financial wellbeing of consumers. Read more

Native Health Underfunded & Promises Unfulflled

The Importance of Investing in the Indian Health Service

The United States government has an obligation based on treaty and statute to meet the health care needs of Native people. The Indian Health Service (IHS), a federal agency, provides health care to many Native people but also has been severely and chronically underfunded. To illuminate the problem of IHS underfunding, this report shares the perspectives of directors, administrators and physicians at health care organizations within the IHS system. These health care facilities deliver crucial services to Native people but often cannot provide needed comprehensive services because of the severe shortfall in resources. Read more

Facing Race: a Report Card on Racial Justice

Washingtonians concerned with social justice are keeping a watchful eye on their elected officials.

Washington CAN! and the Northwest Federation of Community Organizations partnered to release Facing Race: 2009 Legislative Report Card on Racial Equity, the first ever report card to collectively and individually grade Washington’s state legislators and governor on their votes that either promoted or obstructed racial justice. Read more