Hitting the Jackpot

This is part thirteen in a series of posts that will explore some of the leading organizations from around the country that are engaged in unearthing and combating the influence of money in the political process.

In a state known for excess and wealth that does not extend to most of its residents, the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN) dug up the dirt on political campaign contributions. PLAN published three reports, one of which they titled the “Jackpot Report,” because they had found a stash of money politicians had been hiding from public record. Continue reading “Hitting the Jackpot”

Facing Race: 2010 Legislative Report Card on Racial Equity (Washington)

This report card assesses the racial impacts of decisions made in the 2010 Washington legislative session, looking at a range of policy areas, from economic justice to health to civil rights and more. A collaborative effort of many racial justice organizations, the report collectively and individually grades Washington’s legislators on their votes that either promoted or obstructed racial justice.

Click here to download the full report. Continue reading “Facing Race: 2010 Legislative Report Card on Racial Equity (Washington)”

Facing Race: a Report Card on Racial Justice

report cover

Washingtonians concerned with social justice are keeping a watchful eye on their elected officials.

Washington CAN! and the Northwest Federation of Community Organizations partnered to release Facing Race: 2009 Legislative Report Card on Racial Equity, the first ever report card to collectively and individually grade Washington’s state legislators and governor on their votes that either promoted or obstructed racial justice. Continue reading “Facing Race: a Report Card on Racial Justice”

Listening Sessions Report: A Community and Police Partnership to Eliminate Racial Profiling

This report reflects a unique collaboration between the Portland Police Bureau, Oregon Action, Northwest Federation of Community Organizations, the Center for Intercultural Organizing and the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center, who came together to create an opportunity for dialogue between community members and Portland police on the issue of racial profiling.

Pull the Plug on Idaho Power’s Rate Increase: Idaho Families Need Rate Relief, Not Rate Hikes

In October 2003, Idaho Power filed a rate increase application with the Idaho Public Utilities Commission (PUC). Idaho Power’s request, as the PUC staff determined, is a gross overestimate of its actual needs – over $70 million more than Idaho Power could justify! Idaho families are struggling to make ends meet and pay power bills today. Idaho Power’s rate proposal would leave even more low-income families out in the cold.

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Keep the Heat On: Idaho Utility Regulations Threaten the Health and Safety of Idaho Families

Economic conditions in Idaho are squeezing low-income families from every direction. Unemployment continues to rise and many of Idaho’s families live in poverty. The rates of personal bankruptcy and lack of health insurance are also increasing. Skyrocketing energy costs are an unbearable burden when added to these economic realities. Energy consumers who turn to the state for help find that the Low-Income Heating Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) budget is woefully inadequate, and that consumer protections for low-income consumers are not strong enough.

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