Expanding Health Care Coverage With Federal Funds In Idaho Will Create Economy-Boosting Jobs

Medicaid report jobsIf Idaho accepts federal funds to expand Medicaid coverage, an estimated 88,000 state residents will gain health insurance.  In addition, accepting the federal funding will also create jobs  more than 16,000 jobs and boost the Idaho economy, according to a new report by the Alliance for a Just Society. The report was released today by Idaho Community Action Network.

According to an analysis by University of Idaho economist Steven Peterson, if Idaho adopts the health coverage expansion in 2014, the new spending on health care services and its ripple effects will create 16,337 jobs in the state and increase total compensation by $567 million (in constant 2012 dollars) in 2024. The majority of jobs will be in the health care fields, but others will be created in food and lodging, social services, business services, transportation and construction.
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Hall and Smedley in USA Today: Provide Data, Expand Medicaid to Close Racial Health Divide

On the opinion pages of USA Today, LeeAnn Hall, executive director of the Alliance for a Just Society, and Dr. Brian Smedley, with the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, call on on HHS to release full data on who is enrolling – and who is being missed. They also call on states where lawmakers have turned their backs on their poorest families, to accept federal fund for expanding Medicaid.

Little girl Medicaid CropThe health disparities associated with race, ethnicity, culture and language in America are vast. Minorities and the poor suffer more, and die sooner, than the general population.

The ACA is an unprecedented opportunity to shrink the racial gap in health coverage and end inhumane disparities. How do we know who is being reached if Health and Human Services isn’t providing enrollment data by race and ethnicity?

Data or no data, these disparities demand action. If every state expands Medicaid, it could cut the uninsured rate for people of color in half. Instead, lawmakers in 19 states have rejected the funds, and six states are still debating.

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ACA Numbers Something to Celebrate, But Some States Still Missing

A man walks into a bar. He sees an old friend sitting with a champagne glass in front of him. “What’s the celebration,” he asks.

“We just learned that my brother qualified for Medicaid and isn’t going to die,” is the answer.

And you thought that this was going to be a man walks into a bar joke. Well, this isn’t much of a joke but it sure is something to smile about. And it actually happened to me a couple of weeks ago.

For all the to-do about the Affordable Care Act website and the agony of the private market, the real story should be about Medicaid.
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Get Real on Job Growth and Expand Medicaid

 A new op-ed in the Bangor Daily News, written by Maine People’s Alliance executive director Jesse Graham and Alliance for a Just Society executive director LeeAnn Hall, lays out how the Maine legislature could build more and better jobs simply by accepting federal funds for Medicaid expansion.

By Jesse Graham and LeeAnn Hall
Special to the Bangor Daily News

Expanding Health Coverage in Maine with Federal Funds Will Boost the Economy

Expanding health coverage with federal funds will create economy-boosting jobs in states that most need them, according to a new report by the Alliance for a Just Society. The report comes as state legislators debate adopting the Medicaid expansion authorized by the Affordable Care Act.

“This report shows that Medicaid expansion will not only expand health coverage to more residents and create jobs, but also the jobs we’ll create through Medicaid expansion are living wage jobs that support families and boost the state’s economy,” said LeeAnn Hall, executive director of the Alliance for a Just Society. “For lawmakers who care about boosting the economy and creating good jobs, this report shows Medicaid expansion should be common sense.”

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DALEY’S VIEW: A Health Care Lesson Courtesy of a Clinic in Morocco

Use of emergency rooms is a much-debated part of the U. S. health care system. I recently had the chance to experience what it is like going to one of these places with a medical emergency – and in a place where they did not speak my language.Daley Morocco photo 110

I went with friends on a trip to Portugal and Morocco to take a winter vacation and sample the local cuisine. We spent 10 days in and around Lisbon and then flew to Morocco, destination Marrakesh.

We flew there via an eight-hour layover in Casablanca and found the chance to visit the city irresistible.

We ventured into the produce market where I purchased saffron and fennel seed for a fish soup. There are lots of poor folk in Casablanca and their market is pretty basic. When I was accosted by a man who was coughing, spewing germs, and grabbing the hand of the “generous American” I politely fled in terror to wash up.
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There Are Other Ways to Enroll in the ACA: But That Website Mess Needs a Careful Fix

Monday the President said that there was no “sugarcoating it.” The ACA rollout is riddled with problems , and live from the Rose Garden, Mr. Obama defended the ACA and pledged a major effort to fix the site.http://allianceforajustsociety.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Twitter_Avatar54_7.jpg

The centerpiece for Health Care Reform was to be a web site called healthcare.gov. Everyone was going to go on the site, enter some information about themselves and their health insurance needs, and be taken to a place where they could enroll. However, there are other ways for individuals to sign up, to get covered.

Consumers also can go to health centers and hospitals and get help signing up. If anyone needs to find local resources they should visit LocalHelp.HealthCare.gov for further information. Read more

Bad Medicine Report Details Influence of Pharma in DC Budget Failure

Released to the Press

September 25, 2013


New Report Analyzes Interest Group Influence in Blocking Proposed Cost Saving Measures in Medicare

Report Finds Influence of Pharmaceutical Industry as Major Impasse to Common Sense Budget Fixes

Congress has failed to act on a commonsense, good-government approach to controlling health care costs. The significant resources the pharmaceutical industry has put toward influence and access has rendered Congress unable to act in the public interest.

Bad Medicine Report.image


Bad Medicine: Pharmaceuticals’ Prescription for Profits Over People, released by the Alliance for a Just Society details the overwhelming influence of Big PhRMA on congressional outcomes and finds that the imbalance created by industry spending harms both the interest of the American people and our democratic process.

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