New Main Street Alliance Video: Foxes Guarding the Hen House

The Main Street Alliance has a great new video highlighting the dominating role insurance companies are playing in state health insurance policy.   “Foxes Guarding the Hen House”  is part of MSA’s ongoing campaign to ensure that the health insurance exchanges that are created in each state work for small businesses.   Continue reading “New Main Street Alliance Video: Foxes Guarding the Hen House”

99% Red Balloons for Economic Equity

While Fortune 500 corporations duck out of state taxes, legislators continue to put public services on the chopping block, but still the 1% isn’t being told that they need to do their part when it comes to balancing state budgets.

Last week, the Washington Community Action Network fought back at a special session of the legislature:

 On Tuesday, Washington CAN! and our allies headed to Olympia to protest the Special Session and the additional $2 billion in budget cuts that are going to be made. Tuesday’s events focused on the personal stories of those affected by the cuts, putting a face to the growing 99% movement.

Click here for Washington CAN’s full report-back.

News from DC: Super-Committee Fails, Now What?

Bill Daley is the Federal Issues Policy Director at The Alliance for a Just Society.

On November 21st, the co-chairs of the Joint Select Committee of Deficit Reduction, aka the “Super Committee”,  issued this statement: “After months of hard work and intense deliberations, we have come to the conclusion today that it will not be possible to make any bipartisan agreement available to the public before the committee’s deadline.” What does failure mean? What happens next?   Continue reading “News from DC: Super-Committee Fails, Now What?”

November 17th: American Dream Day of Action

We’re starting to get the 1% to pay attention. But this system’s still rigged against us: Wall Street is still making billions and taking our homes, and Congress can’t pass a jobs bill. To amplify the economic emergency, Thursday, November 17, has been declared a massive day of action to show “We Are The 99%”.  We are proud of our Alliance affiliates who are organizing a Day of Action in their hometowns. Please join them and show your solidarity for the 99%:

Continue reading “November 17th: American Dream Day of Action”

Small Businesses Oppose Mandatory E-Verify as Job-Killer

Ahead of a scheduled mark-up of H.R. 2885, a proposal that would mandate the use of the controversial E-Verify employment verification system by every employer in the country, small business owner David Borris, owner of Hel’s Kitchen Catering in Northbrook, IL spoke at a press event outside the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on September 14 opposing the plan. David is a leader in the Main Street Alliance network. Continue reading “Small Businesses Oppose Mandatory E-Verify as Job-Killer”

Anti-Worker’s Rights Tour Comes Up Empty

Apparently, the pro-oil, anti-worker Running on Empty Tour has hit a roadblock: the Montana Organizing Project and its allies.

The Americans for Prosperity — a Washington, D.C.-based, ultra conservative political action committee (PAC) — has launched a national tour calling for oil and gas companies to be able to operate and drill with no public oversight. Continue reading “Anti-Worker’s Rights Tour Comes Up Empty”

Two Steps Backward for Bankers — 100,000 Steps Forward For the People

Last Thursday, April 14, Washingtonians from all walks of life put on their walking shoes and set out on the People’s Walk for Our Future. The five-day, 50-mile walk included stops at places in communities that are facing devastating cuts because of Washington’s $5 billion revenue shortfall: schools, mental health clinics, and many more. Legislators are choosing to make these deep cuts  over closing tax loopholes for big out-o- state banks and corporations, and walkers wanted to make clear that they would not take it lying down. Continue reading “Two Steps Backward for Bankers — 100,000 Steps Forward For the People”

On Tax Day, Some Alarming Tax Stats

Did you know…

  • The federal government collected less in taxes in 2010 than it has in over three generations, and tax rates are at historic lows
  • The Bush tax legacy means we currently tax wealth less than work: middle-income paychecks are taxed at 25% compared to stock dividends and capital gains for the wealthiest, which are taxed at a top rate of only 15%.

These statistics come from Demos’ Taxes Matter Top Ten Stats. During the week leading up to Tax Day, Demos, a public policy and advocacy organization, has been publishing articles and infographics on how we think about taxes. Read more at Our Fiscal Security.