Economic Justice

A healthy economy depends on public policy that promotes equity and justice.

The economic recession that began in 2008 resulted from years of growing economic and racial inequity in the United States. Rather than building an economy based on the common good, in recent decades lawmakers renewed and adopted policies that slashed taxes for the wealthy and deregulated big business, including Wall Street and the banks.

These policies compounded the racial wealth gap and spurred income disparities affecting everyone. And, in so doing, they created a house of cards doomed to collapse. The result was a recession causing massive unemployment, state fiscal crises, and cuts to public services–all while the country’s largest banks have grown even bigger.

Promoting economic equity in the United States is a matter of urgency. Currently, we are campaigning for the implementation of state and federal policies that will promote the development of living-wage jobs, reform the financial sector, address disparities in wealth and income, and ensure that state and local governments have the revenue to meet the needs of their communities.

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