How the Wall Street Crash Continues to Stall Economic Recovery and Deepen Racial Inequity in America

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How housing crisis impacted wealth

Albequerque Business First

Damon Scott


Real Estate Matters: Is the housing crisis over? Maybe not for minorities.

Washington Post

June 11, 2013


Is the foreclosure crisis over? Evidence points both ways

Chicago Tribune

June 07, 2013

Ilyce Glink & Samuel Tamkin Tribune Media Services–tms–realestmctnig-a20130607-20130607_1_foreclosure-crisis-housing-crisis-housing-market

A Housing ‘Black Tax’

The Washington Informer

Lee A. Daniels |


Foreclosure crisis continues to destroy wealth, particularly in communities of color, study says

Fontana Herald News

Monday, June 24, 2013


Foreclosure crisis not over for minorities


Ilyce Glink

June 25, 2013


Foreclosure’s Harvest of Shame

Huffington Post

Joel Sucher


Protect this house

Real Change

Aaron Burkhalter

Push for anti-foreclosure legislation wins abbreviated homeowner “Bill of Rights”

Twin Cities Daily Planet

Jacob Wheeler, The Uptake

May 29, 2013


Young, Black and Buried in Debt

Kai Wright

June 10, 2013,_black_and_buried_in_debt


It’s Not a Housing Boom. It’s a Land Grab

Imara Jones

Thursday, May 30 2013

The week that was: Pittsburgh Corning to emerge from 13 years in bankruptcy

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Tim Grant

June 2, 2013


AG to give update on foreclosure crisis

WIVB Channel 4, Buffalo

Emily Lenihan

Wednesday, 26 Jun 2013


Foreclosure Crisis Cost U.S. $192.6 Billion In Lost Wealth Last Year, Study Finds

Huffington Post

May 16, 2013


This Week in Poverty: Fighting Poverty Through Wall Street Accountability The Nation

May 17, 2013


New Report Looks at How Foreclosure Undermined Black and Brown Wealth

New American Media

May 17, 2013


Homeowners Protest banks they say are illegally stealing their homes

Melissa Harris-Perry Show

May 25, 2013


How Foreclosure Undermined Black and Brown Wealth


May 16, 2013


Wasted wealth – The ongoing foreclosure crisis that never had to happen

The Hill

May 22, 2013–the-ongoing-foreclosure-crisis-that-never-had-to-happen


May 16th Show

The Rick Smith Show

May 16, 2013


Report: Foreclosure Crisis Led to $192.6 Billion in Lost Wealth in 2012; Minorities Hardest Hit

Orlando Advocate

May 20, 2013


Wealth lost in Orlando’s foreclosure crisis: $720 million

Orlando Sentinel

May 21, 2013,0,6733108.story


Report: $720 Million in Household Wealth Lost to Foreclosures in Orlando


May 21, 2013


National coalition helping homeowners who struggle with mortgage payments

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

May 29, 2013


Housing activists say Detroit lost $1.3 billion to mortgage crisis last year; call for relief


May 16, 2013


Report: Chicago Homeowners Lost $3.1 Billion In Wealth Last Year, Communities Of Color Hit The Hardest

Progress Illinois

May 17, 2103


Report Shows Minorities Disproportionately Affected by Foreclosure Crisis


May 29, 2013


Report: Housing crisis hit harder in communities of color

Providence Business News

May 28, 2013,88933?category_id=78&sub_type=stories,packages&


Foreclosure Reports Highlight Racial Disparity

Seattle Weekly

May 21, 2013


Minorities feeling the still effects of mortgage meltdown


May 17, 2013


The Courage to Put Yourself on the Line

Huffington Post

May 20, 2013

How Homeowners Made May a Month You Won’t Forget

Huffington Post

May 21, 2103


Occupy Homes Atlanta: Wasted Wealth Report

May 20, 2013


Washington police arrest 17 in Occupy Justice foreclosure protests. Actions continue today

Meteor Blades, Daily Kos

May 21, 2013

A hero’s on the way!

Campaign for America’s Future Blog

May 21, 2013



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