Health Care

Getting everyone the health care they need

Since our founding, we have been fighting for access to health care for everyone in our communities.

We believe that a society expresses respect for the life and dignity of all people by ensuring that they can get quality health care when they need it. It is up to government to make this a reality–health care access is too important to be left to the private market, where profit takes precedence over matters of life and death.

Motivated by this belief, we have:

The historic health reform legislation passed in March 2010 creates a foundation upon which we will build our ongoing fight for health care for all.

Our ongoing work focuses on racial disparities in health, the social determinants of health, and implementation of health care reform in low-income communities and communities of color.

Creating healthy communities

As important as health care is, health is about much more than medical treatment.

The health of a community is determined by interconnected social and economic factors–factors often related to discrimination, structural racism, and broader social and economic inequity.

The conditions that make a healthy life possible are unavailable to many people, especially people of color. These conditions include such things as time and places for exercise, the ability to buy healthy foods, access to quality schools, and stable, safe working conditions. We believe that all people should benefit from the conditions that make a healthy life possible.

We work with grassroots organizations to promote community health and fight for access to nutritious food, parks and green space, and safe workplaces.

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