Immigration has been — and will continue to be — a shared American experience.

Immigrants from around the world have enriched our country, often at great sacrifice. Many of those coming to the United States now are making similar sacrifices. Uprooted by the global economy and strife in their native country, immigrants to the United States find themselves facing an unforgiving immigration system in their new home, and frequently encounter  suspicion and racism.

We believe that all people making their home in the United States should benefit from day-to-day security, living wages, safe workplaces, and the ability to fully participate in family and community life.

We are fighting for these protections for everyone in the United States, including immigrants. As part of this fight, we are campaigning to secure a just, comprehensive immigration reform that will strengthen our country for all of us.

Immigration Board Game

Are you looking for a fun activity to start a conversation about immigration with your leaders or allies? NWFCO created this game from the stories of immigrants around the Northwest as a tool for communities to use.

picture of NWFCO's Immigration Board Game

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