Conference 2014: “Power From The Roots Up”

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Alliance for a Just Society, 2014 Conference

July 10-12

Seattle, Washington

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Seattle is one of the most progressive cities in the country:Seattle skyline pic

  • One of the first to adopt paid sick days
  • The first to pass a $15 minimum wage
  • Legalized marijuana to reduce criminalization

… and now many of these changes are taking root throughout the country.

Alliance for a Just Society Photo by Jason Collette
Alliance for a Just Society Photo by Jason Collette


This summer:

We’ll talk about seizing power and making change at the local level. We know that our future and our prosperity will change only by building a powerful base.

Join us for workshops on racial justice, fundraising, power mapping, communications strategy, and money in politics.

PLUS we are planning a special Town Hall meeting with some of the key players in the $15 minimum wage fight in Seattle. Why and how is Seattle leading the way? What can you do in your city? You won’t want to miss it!

Exciting workshops:

  • Immigration Reform – Voices of small towns and rural communities
  • The Truth About Family Debt – Student loans, medical bills, housing, credit cards: where is our nation headed?
  • Disappearing Democracy – People everywhere are losing their right to vote.


WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Plenty of fun, music, food, exchange of ideas, inspiration, new connections, lively discussions, great people, and an action – all in Seattle.


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