Daley’s View: Why We Needed the Public Option Then…

…and Why We Need It Now


Remember the big debate in the Congress about whether or not the ACA needed to create a public option to private insurance in order to make the new exchanges be competitive and serve all consumers. This proposal was defeated and left to die pretty much without a whimper.

Now we are just beginning to get a look at the participation of insurance companies in the new exchanges and are seeing why the public option was so important.

One of the supposed benefits of these exchanges is that there will be lots of competition among private insurance companies and a public option was simply unnecessary. Continue reading “Daley’s View: Why We Needed the Public Option Then…”

Daley’s View: Are we winning the fight for the expansion of Medicaid?

The Supreme Court ruled that the Medicaid expansion in the ACA would have to be voluntary. The entire future of this expansion seemed to be in doubt. Resource strapped states were fighting to cut programs not to expand them. The entire expansion of Medicaid was challenged by Governors calling for the program to be “block granted,” or they were just flat out saying ‘no’.

The winds are shifting.
What we advocates have done exceptionally well to get people realizing the overwhelming benefit to states in saving benefits, saving lives and saving money. Keep pouring it on, you are winning. Continue reading “Daley’s View: Are we winning the fight for the expansion of Medicaid?”

Medicaid Matters in Idaho

“Medicaid does more than provide health coverage and services for seniors, low-income  children and families, and people with disabilities. It is also an economic engine.”
An Alliance report released just last month details the growing need for medicaid coverage in the state, while lawmakers are continuing a trend toward reducing more critical services. The result is a stark economic impact on local economy should the cuts continue.
“Despite Medicaid’s importance to Idahoans, the state has begun to slash its investment in the program. These cuts are already resulting in people going without the health care they need. They are also beginning to unravel the system of community-based services that have helped thousands of Idahoans…”

Medicaid Matters in Idaho

Supreme Court Upholds the ACA

LeeAnn Hall is the Executive Director of Alliance for a Just Society.

Today the United States Supreme Court affirmed the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act – the federal health reform bill that grassroots leaders across the country fought so hard for. We are gratified that our efforts will continue to bear fruit and bring the promise of health care to more and more families in the United States. Continue reading “Supreme Court Upholds the ACA”

ACA Decision: Much at Stake for Small Businesses

Millions of small business owners, and their tens of millions of employees, will be greatly impacted by tomorrow’s US Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act.  The enormous benefits that the ACA provides–expanding coverage options, lowering costs and giving consumers, not insurance companies, control over their own health care, to name a few–hang in the balance.   Continue reading “ACA Decision: Much at Stake for Small Businesses”

SCOTUS ruling on ACA expected Thursday; AJS affiliates and partners plan actions across the country

This Thursday the Supreme Court will rule on the future of the new health care law that already provides benefits to over 100 million people across the country. No matter the outcome, Alliance f or a Just Society affiliates and partners are planning responses to the decision all across the country.  Below is a list of actions planned–check back frequently for updates. Continue reading “SCOTUS ruling on ACA expected Thursday; AJS affiliates and partners plan actions across the country”

Does the NFIB represent small business…or big special interests?

Cross-posted from Public Campaign website.

Analysis by Public Campaign and Alliance for a Just Society

The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), heralded as the “voice” of America’s small businesses, has received renewed scrutiny due to its role as the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit to throw out the Affordable Care Act, which awaits a decision from the Supreme Court on Thursday.  Continue reading “Does the NFIB represent small business…or big special interests?”

Cupcake Royale Owner to Congress: Move Forward on Health Care

Cross-posted from Main Street Alliance

Congressional testimony may seem a long ways away from cupcake baking, but not for Jody Hall. Hall, owner of Seattle’s fast-growing Cupcake Royale and a leader with the Main Street Alliance of Washington, traveled to Washington, DC on May 31 to testify about health care reform before a House committee. Continue reading “Cupcake Royale Owner to Congress: Move Forward on Health Care”